EASD #docday° in Lisbon



Dear friends,
Are you coming to EASD Lisbon, and do you consider yourself an active part of the Diabetes Online Community – or want to become one? Then join us for EASD #docday°!

Since 2015, our EASD #docday° provides an open space for members of the #DOC - diabetes bloggers, patient advocates, diapreneurs and more - to meet and mingle in a casual setting. As usual, there is no agenda - #WE are the agenda!

#docday° offers the unique opportunity to present, brainstorm, pitch and talk about ideas, projects, dreams and plans and get valuable feedback and support from the #DOC. We follow an open door policy: Industry employees are welcome to attend, listen in, connect and support, as long as they make their affiliation visible and refrain from marketing talk.

#docday° takes place within the EASD conference venue, so please note that you will need accreditation to attend. We start at 12.30 h, but you can come whenever you like and stay as long (or little) as you want! Verne Hall is located right next to the main entrance opposite the press center (see below). 
Please help us spread the word: Join our FB event! 

#dedoc° is looking forward to welcoming you in Lisbon!

Founder  |  T1D



If there is anything you'd like to pitch, present or talk about at #docday° - please do! 

Rules are simple: No PowerPoint, but everyone gets his or her 5 minutes of fame for a short pitch plus Q & A - and great feedback from the #DOC! 

So far, the lineup includes: 

- Kelly Close (DiaTribe)
- Adam Brown (Bright Spots & Landmines)
- Renza Scibilia (Diabetogenic)
- Amin Zayani (MedAngel)
- Kevin Röhl (Diabetes Life Hacks)
- Delphine Adruini (World Diabetes Tour)
- IDF Europe
- ...
- ... and YOU?

If you are experimenting with DIY Diabetes (i.e. NightScout, ClosedLoop, OpenAPS, ...), please get in touch - we want you!


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