ATTD #docday° 2019 Berlin

Dear friends,

Are you coming to ATTD Berlin and do you consider yourself an active part of the Diabetes Online Community – or want to become one?

Then join us for #docday° !
Wednesday, February 20th, 10.00 h
Café Spreegold, Stargarder Str. 82, 10437 Berlin



For those of you who have been part of the #dedoc° journey, #docday° 2019 will feel like going back to the roots. As we felt our last events had almost become too big and busy, #docday° 2019 will feel a lot more like Stockholm 2015: We will meet for brunch in a cozy co-working café in Prenzlauer Berg, with coffee, croissants and a more intimate community touch.

As usual, #docday° has no agenda - YOU are the agenda! We'll have a beamer, flipcharts and lots of blank sheets of paper waiting for you, so if there is anything you'd like to pitch, present or talk about - please do! Rules are simple: Everyone gets his or her 5 minutes of fame for a short pitch plus Q&A - and great feedback from the #DOC! Please refrain from PowerPoint presentations unless necessary, and send us a short introductory email so we know what's coming. If you'd rather just attend to see what this is all about, no worries: Spontaneous presentations are always welcome!

#dedoc° is looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin!
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Since 2015, #docday° has established itself as an open space for members of the #DOC to meet in a casual setting and present, brainstorm, pitch and talk about ideas, projects, dreams and plans. Meet diabetes advocates, bloggers, patient entrepreneurs and friends from around the world for valuable feedback and support!

#docday° follows an open door policy and welcomes everyone who considers himself part of the #DOC. Industry employees are welcome to attend, listen in, connect and support as long as they make their affiliation visible and refrain from marketing talk.

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