#dedoc° und dedoc labs unterstützen verschiedene Projekte aus der #WeAreNotWaiting-Community rund um DIY APS, die wir hier kurz vorstellen möchten. 

DIY APS steht für "Do It Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems". Wer sich mit dem Thema erst einmal grundsätzlich vertraut machen möchte findet eine gute, deutsche Einführung hier: 

Weitergehende Informationen zu den drei zur Zeit verfügbaren OpenSource-Solutions finden sich hier: 


OPEN (Outcomes of Patients’ Evidence with Novel, do-it-yourself artificial pancreas technology)

Abstract (Horizon 2020 MSCA-RISE-2018, Proposal number 823902)
Type 1 diabetes is a rare but highly challenging chronic condition which often leads to lowered life expectancy and greatly diminished quality of life even amongst those patients who are the most diligent and proactive in the practice of disease selfmanagement. In recent years, there has been a growing movement of ‘patient innovators’ leading the development of selfbuilt or ‘do-it-yourself’ artificial pancreas systems (DIYAPS), which help to automate day-to-day decision making needed for successful self-management. There is prima facie evidence to suggest that such systems can lead to improvements in glucose outcomes that far exceed those offered by the most state-of-the-art commercially available solutions. The aim of this RISE project is to tap into the expertise and knowledge shared by these communities by bringing together an intersectoral and interdisciplinary research team consisting of patient innovators, academic researchers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and NGOs to establish an empirical evidence base surrounding the impact of DIYAPS. The exciting programme of research includes training and networking for participating staff designed to encourage inter-disciplinary thinking and broaden career horizons, while the dissemination and public outreach activities will ensure that project findings reach key stakeholders, such as policymakers, HCPs and industry, both within Europe and beyond. The key outcomes of this project will include a new model of knowledge co-creation and an evidence-base surrounding the potential scale-up of DIYAPS solutions that will have profound implications for those living with chronic conditions, their families, as well as healthcare systems and European
society as a whole.

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 Hacking Health "Artificial Pancreas" Meetup

Artificial Pancreas Meetup 2018 Berlin#dedoc° freut sich, zusammen mit der Charité, ThoughtWorks Berlin, Diabetes Life Hacks und der Nightscout Foundation das Hacking Health "Artificial Pancreas" Meetup am 1. September 2018 in Berlin zu unterstützen. 

Dieser ganztägige Workshop ist offen für alle - Typ1er, Typ2er, TypFs, ÄrztInnen, ForscherInnen, Angehörige anderer Gesundheitsberufe, Tech-Experten oder andere neugierige Geister -, die mehr über "Artificial Pancreas" bzw. "Closed Loop" lernen wollen. Der Workshop dient dem Erwerb fortgeschrittener Kenntnisse über kommerzielle als auch DIY ("do it yourself") Technologie. Zur Registrierung können eTickets auf Eventbrite erworben werden. 

UPDATE: DAS EVENT IST LEIDER AUSGEBUCHT! Auf vielfachen Wunsch werden wir versuchen, die Vorträge samt Q&A und das während der Veranstaltung gesammelte Feedback schnellstmöglich über diese Mailingliste zugänglich zu machen.